Friday, July 01, 2005

A Long Bio that used to be a short bio of Jesse Handlon

Jesse Handlon was born on April 29th, 1976 to Michael and Rosemary Handlon. He was reared in Indianapolis along with his two brothers and a sister. He has a long family history of men in war and horse thieves (not necessarily in that order). In fact, he is descended from the famous horse thief and highwayman, Redman O' Hanlon (Very big in Ireland, they even have ballads about him). His claim to fame was leading the very posse that was hunting for him. Jesse attended IPS schools starting with 48 for Elementary, 28 for Junior High, and his final stop at Arsenal technical High School.

While at Tech he met Dar Parsons and Dave Patrick. Dar would then introduce Jesse to Joe Devine and Jeremy Riley. The five men would become best friends and go on an adventure to the great state of Florida. While Devine and Parsons attended Full Sail, Jesse and Jeremy spent their days dicking around and seeing Pulp Fiction five times (Ah, the stories we could tell about our run-ins with cops, hippies, druggies, crazy people, and...uh, I think I just described the entire state of Florida). The two formed there friendship in the Sunshine State and have been friends ever since.

When both men returned to Indiana they began a writing partnership with the screenplay "Reapers of The Harvest". They, along with Patrick, Devine, and Parsons came up with the idea of forming Sideshow Productions. While trying to get a movie made Jesse and Jeremy would co-write many screenplays together. Dave Patrick left the state to pursue a career in special make up effects in Hollywood. Now down to four members the four decided to try a comedy movie.

After writing "Nightmare at Sugar Creek" (Handlon/Riley) the boys went their separate ways. Devine started his own business in hopes of building up a cash surplus for Sideshow. Parsons got married and had a beautiful daughter to take care of. So, it was up to Jesse and Jeremy to work on the creative side and look for side backing to help match what Joe was trying to achieve. The two worked on past scripts. Jesse was even hired to write a script for a film school project. Of course, this project was for the girlfriend of Dave Patrick (see, connections are important). Jeremy wrote four full screenplays in the time it took Jesse to write this thirty page piece.

Parsons decided he wanted to get back into film work again. Jeremy and Jesse decided to start up a comedy troupe. The two had a surplus of comedy ideas and had written many comedy sketches that could not be used in their movies. The two came up with the idea for the sketch comedy show "Weirdsville". Jesse writes and works everyday on Weirdsville, and many other scripts.


Laugh A Little (Director of Photography)
Blood Pudding (cameraman)
Life Insurance (writer)
Reapers of the Harvest (co-writer)
Mad Dog Killers (co-writer)
Ragmen (co-writer)
The Adversary (co-writer)
Nightmare at Sugar Creek (co-writer)
Crusader (co-writer)
The Realm (co-writer)
The Bank Robbers (co-writer)
N'kara (just plain embarrassed to be in it)
Weirdsville (co-creator, co-writer, co-executive producer, co-director, actor)


Blogger Jessica said...

Wow I didn't know your name is Jesse. Makes you even more cool in my book. :)

9:40 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Wow Nixonreed, your cuter than I thought you'd be. Wait a minute, you said you were fat that one time. I guess you were just kidding. You and Sebastian kind of look similar, but not the exact same of course. :)

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Blogger nixonreed said...

I used to weigh about 250 pounds. Now I weigh about 185 thanks to diet and workout. Thanks for the compliments.

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Blogger REC said...

Yeah, we Irish all look alike.

8:54 PM  
Blogger REC said...

But I'm still cuter;)

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