Thursday, June 30, 2005

E-mail us if you will

I have just put up an e-mail address for Weirdsville. It is If you have any questions about the show or would like to find out how to order episodes of Weirdsville then e-mail us. I don't think we will have that many requests, but if we do we might just have to build a damn website or sell them on Ebay.

Your friend,
Nixon Reed

Welcome to the Troupe

Hello and welcome to our new blog about the comedy troupe, Weirdsville. The troupe is made up of some very funny performers. Of course, I will ask all of them to put up biographies and maybe get some pictures up. I also will put up some info on where you can write and order some episodes if you like. Also, you will get updates and reports about what's going on during production. I hope you enjoy the blog as well as our show. Thank you, folks. Have yourselves a great day.

Jesse Handlon