Thursday, July 21, 2005

Little Doodles and stuff...

Dig it hepcats, Little Doodles has come to weirdsville! And, like, weirdsville it is too
daddy-o! If you want to eye my hep drawings or other crazy stuff then, like, slide over to I hope to contribute some stuff to the cause here in weirdsville but I'll keep posting other stuff over on the other site so that this one doesn't get all square and logged down. Yeah, dig that exact likeness of me up above....freaky cats, like looking in a mirror. Anyway, glad to be digging the scene here in weirdsville and hope do my thing and help out.


Dar Parsons Bio

My name is Dar Parsons and I currently reside in the state of Indiana. I have three nipples and six toes and seven fingers. I am what is commonly referred to as a freak, but I'm a good natured freak. I even starred in a movie as a freak, no makeup necessary. I am kidding, of course, except for the part of playing a freak. I am a performer and will be acting in the weirdsville troupe. I am also a talented artist (not that I have a big head about it). I am married to a beautiful woman named Heather. A year ago she brought the other light of my life into this world, my daughter Emoyn. I also wrote and directed an award winning short called Laugh A Little. Although, I must admit, most of the credit goes to Jesse Handlon and Jeremy Riley. Jesse won most of the points due to his beautiful cinematography and Jeremy helped write a wonderful script. For some reason people call me the Peter Tork of Weirdsville, I do not know if this is a compliment. I hope you enjoy Weirdsville as much as I've enjoyed reading the scripts and performing in it. In no way was this bio edited by Jesse Handlon or Jeremy Riley (NOTE: I couldn't stand it any longer so I went in and edited the bio--Jeremy), oh and I only have on testicle and I feel I am the better man for having said it. Jesse Handlon and Jeremy Riley are just wonderful people and we should praise them as Gods. In no way did Jeremy or Jesse edit this bio. That's it go out and smoke some weed and free love to all those who want a piece.

LAUGH A LITTLE (writer, director, actor)

Little doodles

Hey my brother is joining us as a writer on Weirdsville. He has started his own blog where he is showcasing his single panel cartoons and others. He is actually going to provide us with some cartoons. He has also cooked up an idea about a puppet show featuring his character Bongo the Beatnik. Check out his stuff i'm going to load up one of his single panel cartoons for your enjoyment. His site adress is I want to make this cartoon in a sketch, I think it can really be a good sketch.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Psst, hey, over here!

Remember kiddies, your uncle Jeremy says that making fun of others is fine, just make sure you're on the giving end and not the recieving, because...well, something happened to me once.


Friday, July 15, 2005

A sketch (do I need to say more it's a sketch)

This is actually a scene I wrote for a TV show Jeremy and I created. The show is called Adventure Theater. The idea behind it was that each season would be like a serial from the old days. The first season was going to be a Flash Gordon type of character we called Captain Space. I've decided to change the scene so it fits a sketch show. Who knows, we might do it as a sketch on Weirdsville? I would love to keep it in Adventure Theater, but who knows. Tell me what you think of it.


By Jesse Handlon


We see TODD LOFTIS, the newest reporter on our newscast. He has a bunch of media people moving behind him.

TODD: Hello, I'm Todd Loftis, and we are here tonight as the Town Hall Debate gets under way. We have two candidates, REPUBLICAN SENATOR JACKSON ORR and CURRENT PRESIDENT WILLIAM CARTER. We will be shortly joining the debate. As you know, this is a debate where the questions will be asked by journalists in the audience. We will be called upon and we will rise and we will ask the candidates questions...

Behind TODD we see a man in black carrying a suitcase with him. The camera goes to him. He is EAGLE, the world's most deadly assassin.



We see the Eagle standing in a shadow. A MAN (RALPH PEROT)walks up to him. He has a briefcase in his hand.

PEROT: Eagle?

EAGLE: Ralph Perot. This is the only time we will meet. We will never meet again after this. You will forget ever hearing my name.

PEROT: What did I do to offend you?

EAGLE: You've done nothing to offend me, it's just best for our safety if we never meet again.

PEROT: Sure, I've heard that from a bunch of people. Is there something wrong with me? Am I ugly? Do I smell really bad?

EAGLE: No, you're fine, you smell real good, and not ugly, although I would do something about the mole.

PEROT: This damn mole! How many friends have you cost me? I should just try to rip you off my face.

EAGLE: Look, you're fine. I mean, if I wasn't a hired assassin I would definitely hang out with you.

PEROT: Then why don't we set up a time we can get together and hang out?

EAGLE: Well, I don't know if that's the best idea...

PEROT: See, I knew you didn't like me!

EAGLE: Look, you're a wonderful fella and let's say we exchange phone numbers so we can have dinner sometime?

PEROT: Do you mean it? We can get together and have a boy's night out.

EAGLE: Yeah, why don't we do this business deal and than we'll exchange numbers?

PEROT: All right, here's your money. (hands over case and turns around) I expect both candidates shot and killed. Once they are dead I will be the next President of the United States.

He looks back to see Eagle gone.

PEROT (sadly): Oh, there's another potential friend gone.



We see Eagle as he opens the case and begins to pull out all the pieces of the weapon. In the background we see chairs all nicely set up and 100's of reporters waiting for the debate.


We center in on journalist Todd Loftis. Sitting next to him is JOHN DRAKE. John is writing rapidly, looking very important.

TOOD: The candidates are on there way out. We go now to moderator, JANE COURIC.

The camera moves over to show JANE COURIC sitting at a table by herself. She has a huge amount of comment cards in front of her.

JANE: Hello, and welcome to the third of five scheduled debates. We welcome tonight the two candidates. Hailing from the great state of Montana, and weighing in at 220 and a record of 44 and 0, we have Senator Jackson Orr.

Jackson Orr comes out and walks over to the podium. He waves very coldly and woodenly to the audience.

JANE: In the blue corner, weighing in at 187 with a record of 65 and 0, from the great state of Massachutes, we have Wildman William Carter.

William Carter walks out waving to the audience and stops at his podium.

JANE: Back stage we flipped a coin to see who would give the first opening statement and Senator Jackson Orr won. Senator Orr.

JACKSON: Thank you, Jane. My name is Jackson Orr.

A huge, long pause. Nothing is being said, there's a huge amount of dead air.

JANE: Then...

Jackson holds up his finger to stop her.

JACKSON: And I am a senator.

There is more silence.

JANE: Inspiring words, Senator Orr. President Carter.

CARTER (screaming): I should be President 'cause I have an ass! Look at my ass, it is a nice ass! Look at it!

Carter walks out from behind the podium and shows his ass off. He then walks back behind the podium.

JANE: Yes, very nice, President Carter.


We see Eagle with the gun, but he has some how constructed it into a windchime. He sighs and starts to work on it again.


We go to Jane who pulls up a comment card.

JANE: The first question goes to Todd Loftis of Weirdsville News.

Todd stands up with his microphone at the ready.

TODD: Yes, what are your plans to handle the budget deficit?

JANE: Senator Orr.

JACKSON: It isn't the government's responsibility to help the poor. If you're poor go rob the rich and you won't be poor. And the NRA is willing to help you with all your gun needs.

JANE: President Carter.

CARTER (still screaming): There's only one answer! Everyone in the United States should walk outside of their houses at the same time, raise their left legs, and fart! (long silence) Vote for me, I'm yelling!

JANE: Next question. John Drake, for the Pointless News.

John Drake stands up.

JOHN: Yes, if you were a duck what kind of duck would you be?

JACKSON: I would be a mallard.

CARTER (screams): I would be a dove 'cause they represent peace!


Eagle finally has the gun built and loaded. He aims and prepares to fire.


Jane looks at Carter who flaps his wings like a bird. He returns behind the podium.

JANE: Next question, BARBARA MOORE of the Indianapolis Intern.

Barbara stands up. As she does a shot rings out and hits her in the back. She lets out a gasp of air and dies.

JANE: Okay, Barbara must not have a question then. BEN REYNOLDS of the Chicago Curmudgeon.


We see through the scope of Eagle's rifle. He fires as BEN REYNOLDS stands up in front of the scope. BEN goes down with a bullet in his back.

EAGLE: Damn it.



We see Eagle reloading his gun. He has one bullet left.


There are only two reporters remaining, Todd Loftis and John Drake. Everone else lays sprawled around the room, dead.

JANE: John Drake, do you have another question?

John stands up.

JOHN: Yes, is the grass always greener in the other guy's yard?

CARTER (screams): I have never smoked grass in my life! How dare you accuse me of that!

JACKSON: It depends on who lives next door to you.

JOHN: Oh, that's a zinger, I'm writing that one down.

John sits back down.


We see Eagle get Carter in his sights.


Jane throws all her comment cards away.

JANE: Well, I guess no one has any questions...

Todd stands up.

TODD: I have another...

A shot rings out and Todd falls down dead.


We see Eagle get really pissed.

EAGLE: That was it! I blew it! No more bullets!

Eagle throws the rifle to the ground. A shot rings out and hits Eagle in the chest.

EAGLE: Huh, must of been one stuck in the chamber.

EAGLE falls over dead.


Jane rubs her head.

JANE: Well, John, did you at least get the story you wanted?

JOHN: You bet.

John writes something on his notepad. It says " Super Comfortable Chairs for Super Butts." John jumps up and runs out.

JACKSON: Are we done? I have an appointment with some oil interest.

CARTER (screams): I want to scream and whine some more!

JANE: Well, we thank you gentlemen, and we thank you, the viewers, for joining us. Join us for the next debate, which is being referred to as the Whore Debate. So if you're a hooker and have an important question please join us at the Lawndale Pavilion in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thank you and good night.

The End

I hope you enjoy it. This is just the first draft. Riley will come in and do the second draft. This might give you folks a look at our writing process.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Indianapolis writers and actors

Hello writers and/or actors living in the Indiana area. We are looking for actors and writers for our troupe, Weirdsville. There is no pay but you do get the pleasure of getting your stuff out there for people to see. This is a non-profit thing for the time being. So, no one is getting paid including myself and, hell, this is costing me and Riley money. If you are a fan of comedy and enjoy writing and acting then come and pay us a visit. Just drop us an e-mail at with the info on how we can get in contact with you. Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you.

Jesse Handlon

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Jeremy Lee Riley's Bio

Jeremy Lee Riley is the bastard son of Sharon Riley, his true father is unknown. He was born in the bathroom of his grandmother's home in Richmond Indiana in the wee hours of the morning on May 22nd. In school Jeremy demonstrated odd behavior and unusual ways of speaking. Being a Gemini he was prone to being the class clown one minute and then withdrawing into himself the next. At seventeen he formed a gang and ran wild through the streets of his home town, being arrested on several occasions, engaging in knife fights and even managing to get himself shot on one occasion during an argument with another gang member. The bullet winged his left shoulder and he ended up cauterizing the wound with a hot knife to keep his family from finding out. He carries the scar to this day.

At eighteen he was thrown out of his parents house and moved to Indianapolis where he met Dar Parsons and, through him, Jesse Handlon (nixonreed), Joe Devine, and Dave Patrick. The group formed Sideshow productions and won best in the state for their first film short "Laugh A Little." Soon after the troupe moved to Florida for two years (minus Dave) so that Dar and Joe could attend Full Sail Center of the Recording Arts. Jeremy, an avid reader and artist, spent years writing, illustrating, studying history and mythology, and has written over a dozen screenplays, and numerous short stories and chapbooks. He is currently burning the midnight oil as he fights to finish the first five teleplays of the sketch comedy show Weirdsville.

His hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, painting, practicing martial arts, exercising, and contemplating how best to rule the world. Both he and Jesse Handlon are registered Private Detectives.



Laugh A Little--(Skip Wes)

Blood Pudding--(Patch)





Laugh A Little (co-writer)

Blood Pudding (co-writer)

Reapers Of the Harvest (co-writer)

A Dark Days Afternoon

Mad Dog Killers (co-writer)

Ragmen (co-writer)

The Adversary (co-writer)

Nightmare At Sugar Creek (co-writer)

Crusader (co-writer)

Valley Of Bones

The Thousand Ships (The Trojan War Act I)

The Rage Of Achilles (The Trojan War Act II)

The Fall Of Troy (The Trojan War Act III)

The Realm (co-writer)

Weirdsville (co-writer, producer, actor, and all the in betweens)


scouts Honor

The Creature Of The Bara-doons

Shepherd Of Evil

The Concrete Kingdom (Part-1: The Betrayers)

The Concrete Kingdom (Part-2: Immoral Pursuits)

The Concrete Kingdom (Part-3: Tin City)

The Concrete Kingdom (Part-4: The Fall)

A World Of Moan (On line chapbook at


The Bone-yard Waltz--A Collection Of Short Stories

Friday, July 01, 2005

A Long Bio that used to be a short bio of Jesse Handlon

Jesse Handlon was born on April 29th, 1976 to Michael and Rosemary Handlon. He was reared in Indianapolis along with his two brothers and a sister. He has a long family history of men in war and horse thieves (not necessarily in that order). In fact, he is descended from the famous horse thief and highwayman, Redman O' Hanlon (Very big in Ireland, they even have ballads about him). His claim to fame was leading the very posse that was hunting for him. Jesse attended IPS schools starting with 48 for Elementary, 28 for Junior High, and his final stop at Arsenal technical High School.

While at Tech he met Dar Parsons and Dave Patrick. Dar would then introduce Jesse to Joe Devine and Jeremy Riley. The five men would become best friends and go on an adventure to the great state of Florida. While Devine and Parsons attended Full Sail, Jesse and Jeremy spent their days dicking around and seeing Pulp Fiction five times (Ah, the stories we could tell about our run-ins with cops, hippies, druggies, crazy people, and...uh, I think I just described the entire state of Florida). The two formed there friendship in the Sunshine State and have been friends ever since.

When both men returned to Indiana they began a writing partnership with the screenplay "Reapers of The Harvest". They, along with Patrick, Devine, and Parsons came up with the idea of forming Sideshow Productions. While trying to get a movie made Jesse and Jeremy would co-write many screenplays together. Dave Patrick left the state to pursue a career in special make up effects in Hollywood. Now down to four members the four decided to try a comedy movie.

After writing "Nightmare at Sugar Creek" (Handlon/Riley) the boys went their separate ways. Devine started his own business in hopes of building up a cash surplus for Sideshow. Parsons got married and had a beautiful daughter to take care of. So, it was up to Jesse and Jeremy to work on the creative side and look for side backing to help match what Joe was trying to achieve. The two worked on past scripts. Jesse was even hired to write a script for a film school project. Of course, this project was for the girlfriend of Dave Patrick (see, connections are important). Jeremy wrote four full screenplays in the time it took Jesse to write this thirty page piece.

Parsons decided he wanted to get back into film work again. Jeremy and Jesse decided to start up a comedy troupe. The two had a surplus of comedy ideas and had written many comedy sketches that could not be used in their movies. The two came up with the idea for the sketch comedy show "Weirdsville". Jesse writes and works everyday on Weirdsville, and many other scripts.


Laugh A Little (Director of Photography)
Blood Pudding (cameraman)
Life Insurance (writer)
Reapers of the Harvest (co-writer)
Mad Dog Killers (co-writer)
Ragmen (co-writer)
The Adversary (co-writer)
Nightmare at Sugar Creek (co-writer)
Crusader (co-writer)
The Realm (co-writer)
The Bank Robbers (co-writer)
N'kara (just plain embarrassed to be in it)
Weirdsville (co-creator, co-writer, co-executive producer, co-director, actor)